KOOLTRONIC는 전기, 통신, 컴퓨터 분야의 쿨링(cooling)을 위하여 1957년에 설립되었습니다.
밀폐 환경에서 사용되는 에어 콘디셔너와 열교환기를 개발 공급하였습니다.
KOOLTRONIC은 혁신 디자인을 통한 선도적 지위를 유지했으며 밀폐 환경에서 사용가능한
다양한 종류의 제품을들 공급해 왔습니다.

Heat Exchanger/열교환기
Advantage Series Indoor/Outdoor:
28", 33", 47" 세가지 타입, 24에서 54 Watts/°F형, 아연도금강판 적용.
TrimLine Series Air-to-Air:
33", 36", 47", 59" 네가지 타입, 33, 42, 56, 91 Watts/°F형, 폐쇄루프 시스템에 적합.
Integrity Series NEMA 4/4X Air-to-Air - These stainless steel units are offered in four sizes, 32", 38", 47" and 59" high, dissipating 21, 44, 54 and 65 Watts/°F respectively. They protect against hazards specified for both indoor and outdoor NEMA 4/4X enclosures. The series is interchangeable with Kooltronic Integrity Series NEMA 4/4X Air Conditioners for flexibility in selection, upgrading or reducing your cooling performance.

KXHE Series Air-to-Air - This versatile series offers six sizes, from 22" to 59" high, dissipating from 8 to 88 Watts/°F. These unique units operate effectively when mounted vertically, horizontally, internally or externally. The units use a closed-loop system that provides cooling within sealed electronics or industrial enclosures, making them an ideal choice for use in dirty or oil-laden environments. KNHE Series NEMA 4/4X-Water-to-Air - These NEMA 4/4X Rated units were designed for use in harsh, contaminated environments where frequent cleaning of air filters and the heat exchanger core would be necessary. This Series consists of seven units from 20" to 54" high, dissipating from 20.5 Watts/°F @ 0.25GPM to 215 Watts/°F @ 4GPM. KPHE Series Water-to-Air - This series is available in five sizes, from 20" to 32" high, dissipating from 20 Watts/°F @ 0.25GPM to 112 Watts/°F @ 2GPM.

KTHE200 Air-to-Air - These units utilize a refrigerant-charged coil to provide closed-loop cooling while dissipating 17 Watts/°F. The KTHE200 is 17" high and operates efficiently mounted either vertically, horizontally, externally or internally. Outdoor operations require special weather protection and external protective features.